Monochrome look is basically wearing all clothing in the same hue. When done right, monochrome look can actually create some really cool and stylish outfits. When mixing patterns can look a bit fussy and color blocking a bit poor in taste, wearing outfits of same color and different hues is simpler and cleaner approach to putting together an outfit. Let’s explore some inspiration to achieve that perfect monochrome look. This beautiful outfit in hues of red is a perfect inspirationContinue Reading

Drawing inspiration from my favorite, Carrie Bradshaw, I have many a times stockpiled my shoe closet with feathery, sparkly and sky-high heels. However later on I have always grudgingly admitted that it’s not the most practical strategy. More often than not, I set my eyes on some new beauty or because of some new trend I end up stockpiling my shoes again. I know how we girls are, I mean we can never get enough of our shoes( & whyContinue Reading