In order to keep up with our action packed busy life we all need high energy levels, the energy which we can get if we have an energy boosting kick start of our mornings. For those great leaders and fit people, it’s always about having an engaging and healthy morning routine. Let’s go into details to find out how.

  1. Don’t Hit Snooze

    Wake up at the same time everyday day no matter how late you went to bed. This helps in syncing your body with your schedule. So choose a time wisely which works for you and tell yourself that snoozing the alarm isn’t even an option for having a healthy morning routine.


  1. Hydrate

    Our body is 60% made of water and after sleeping for 7-8 hours it literally needs water to do those body cleansing activities. Drink at least half a Litre of water straight out of bed and then followed by some warm water with half a lemon juice and 1 table spoon honey. I have been following this from quite some time now. The morning dose of Vitamin C you get from lemon is very essential and honey helps in keeping your digestive system healthy.


  1. Stretch Your Body & Let the Sunshine In

    In a healthy morning routine, having exercise is an essential part. Stretching in the morning has several health benefits. It increases muscle and joint flexibility, improves blood circulation and your body gets more oxygen. Do try to get out for stretching in the morning, it really helps to wake up your brain and your body gets its natural dose of Vitamin D for healthy bones and immune system.


  1. No Phone- Focus On Today

    Turn off your phone notifications and sit down for at least 5 minutes to write down a journal. Plan out your day in advance. List your To Dos as per priorities and start by getting the ones with highest priority as first thing in your day. This really helps in optimum utilization of your day. Also getting too much into social media in the morning can be a big distraction. Try to be your own best self, day by day with small improvements.


  1. Make Your Bed

    Yes that’s right 😀 What our Moms have been telling us to do since forever is actually really important. Following a daily morning routine and making your bed, these things teaches discipline in life and trust me it’s very important to have discipline to achieve great things in life. Also making your bed makes your room looking more organized and less messy so it’s a win-win thing to do.


  1. Get a Healthy Breakfast

    A healthy breakfast in morning kick starts your metabolism, helping it to burn calories throughout the day. There are so many health benefits of having a full & healthy breakfast.

    You can choose a bowl of cereal mixed with yogurt or milk and topped with fresh fruits. Having your protein intake in the morning is also very important so do try to have a healthy and uninterrupted breakfast in the morning.


  1. Music

    You might want to start your day with some upbeat music or you might prefer something calming and relaxing, it’s completely up to you. But be sure it makes you feel good and charges your morning.


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